About Jim Lawless

Record breaking freediver and voted #1 Motivational Speaker outside of the US in the Global Guru rankings, Jim Lawless has inspired over a million people on five continents through his speeches alone.

As CEO of transformation innovators Symmetry, Jim is a leading architect of change and trusted advisor to international organisations, fast-growth companies and Olympic Teams.

As a speaker, Jim is loved internationally for his energy, humour, engagement and his lasting impact on mindset and action. He leaves a new vocabulary behind that lives on in meetings and in thinking. 

Audiences are captivated by his storytelling and his empathy for their unspoken fears that surround change. They give weight to his practical takeaways because he has proven them personally in extreme adaptations.

Author of the international best seller ‘Taming Tigers’ (Random House), Jim became a televised jockey (and lost 25% of his bodyweight) within 12 months of sitting on a horse. He became the deepest freediver in British history within 8 months.

Both of these rapid adaptations were done to test and validate his approaches. Both were done alongside his day job - just as all work transformations are.

Outside of work, Jim is a dad, friend, helicopter pilot, kundalini yoga practitioner, freediver, pianist and novice tennis player.

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